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I have spent countless hours promoting an equitable educational system. From district-wide curricula to school level programs, no subject matter is too small to be trivial or too large to be questioned.

Anne Holton Hosts Panel Discussion on Bullying in Schools at Downtown School

Grand View Panel Discussion on Women in Politics

Grand View Panel: Women in Politics

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My name is Natasha Newcomb and I am running for the Des Moines School Board in District 3. For the first time in the history of the school district, a representative will be elected to represent the newly created Third District.

Like many of you, I am a parent of a Des Moines School District student. My son is my motivation for just about everything that I do. He was the catalyst of many experiences that I never contemplated before, from homing bugs to navigating through the educational process. One of my first experiences with this process was when my son became disinterested in attending school. With the help of his teachers and principals, we worked out a few ways to help him focus and keep him on task. Before I knew it, I went from discussing my son’s personal needs to advocating for quality education for all students. I spoke out against the elimination of and advocated for the expansion of advanced classes throughout the Des Moines School District. Additionally, in cooperation with my son’s middle school, I successfully brought about significant changes to a student behavioral program. It is with these experiences in mind that I have developed my top three priorities:

1. Strengthening communications between the Des Moines Public School District and the residents of District 3.

2. Leveraging all our resources and adopting a responsible budget that supports an atmosphere that is conducive to the success of each student.

3. Supporting programs that prepare our students to be successful in a diverse world.

As the School District develops policies and establishes programs, we need a committed leader that is accountable to the people of District 3. The first person elected to represent our District will be in the unique position to set the bar for those who will follow. I will bring my experiences and my passion for the success of each student to the School Board.

I invite you to learn more about me and my campaign and to"like" me on facebook at Natasha Newcomb for Des Moines School Board, District 3.