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DMEA Announces Endorsements for 2015 DMPS School Board Election

August 14, 2015 at 1:36pm

The Des Moines Education Association is proud to announce our endorsements for candidates running in the 2015 DMPS school board election to be held on September 8th. The DMEA convened a candidate interview committee and spent an hour interviewing each candidate on questions covering education policy and labor issues. The committee was very impressed with the quality of candidates that are running in this election and the committee took time to carefully deliberate before making recommendations. The DMEA was looking for candidates who demonstrated a willingness to be independent minded, ask good questions of DMPS administration, listen to and truly value input from all stakeholders, and showed an understanding that learning means much more than a test score. The candidates we are endorsing should be strong advocates for better teaching and learning conditions and will make sure they listen carefully to the concerns of educators, parents, and community members before making decisions on the board. DMEA looks forward to working with them on their campaigns to bring community voice back to the school board.

The DMEA is officially endorsing these candidates in the 2015 DMPS school board election:

District 1 (West side) - Heather Anderson

District 2 (North side) - Edgar Ortiz

District 3 (East side) - Natasha Newcomb

At-Large - Royce Turner

The DMEA strongly encourages our members and friends to lend your support and your vote to these candidates in the school board election.