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Community Engagement: The key to implementing effective and lasting policies is to have procedures that encourage collaboration. It is the privilege of each board member to have the responsibility of establishing district-wide policies that reflect the priorities of our community’s commitment to the success of each student. Honoring our promise to our students means providing a legitimate and meaningful pathway for all stakeholders to participate at each step of the decision-making process. I will work hard to ensure that communication channels between the residents of District 3 and the School District are open and transparent. 

Educational Resources: Spending over $500 million a year leaves no question about the importance of our students’ education. Adopting a responsible budget sets the foundation for an environment conducive to learning. Educational resources, however, are not limited to classroom materials such as paper, pencils, books and access to technology; they include labor, educators, administrative personnel, parents, students and all other residents. Only by working together will we be able to achieve the best possible budget. 

Diversity in Education: We live in an increasingly connected world. Schools are in  the best position to expose students to different cultures, experiences and perspectives. By celebrating diversity, developing leadership skills and providing a safe environment to explore their personal contributions, we prepare our students to lead in the 21st century.